iSolved HCM Technology

If your company is like most, it’s likely that your employee information exists in separate systems potentially requiring exporting, importing, duplicate data entry, access to multiple software applications each with different login credentials.

Business today is about trying to do more with less. Therefore it’s imperative, in every aspect of your business, to integrate business functions into a single source, automate procedures, increase efficiencies and save money.

Introducing iSolved, seriously powerful, completely scalable human capital management technology for payroll, time and attendance, HR, and employee benefits – all in one secure system, accessible anytime, from anywhere. Empowering you to better manage your most important asset – your people. It gives you control over everything.

iSolved takes away the pain, time and errors by providing a completely consolidated human capital management solution. iSolved provides real-time data for better decisions about your workforce, improving employer-employee relationships. It eliminates cumbersome paper processes, driving down the costs and complexities of managing your workforce. It’s an elegant, highly intuitive, end-to-end workforce management experience.

Here’s an overview of how it supports the critical functions of managing your workforce:

Imagine with the ability to preview payroll with just one click, anywhere, anytime. With iSolved you can quickly process payroll including taxes, garnishments and more.
Learn more about Payroll features

Benefits Enrollment
The iSolved benefits enrollment process increases employee engagement. Checks and reporting help smooth out the complexities of your open enrollment period.
Learn more about Benefits Enrollment

Time & Attendance
Extremely robust time and attendance features allow you to collect, manage, and process your employee time. It’s a feature-rich application built into the core iSolved solution.
Learn more about Time & Attendance options

ACA Compliance
iSolved’s robust ACA solutions simplify navigating the maze of ACA compliance.
Learn more about iSolved ACA solutions 

Applicant Tracking
This easy-to-use yet powerful software, specially designed for small to medium-sized employers, helps you speed up the hiring process by better managing applicants and track applications.
Learn more about Applicant Tracking

HR Tools
From an overall HR perspective, iSolved lets you completely manage all aspects of your workforce with a single data source. This gives you an unprecedented view of your employees and saves you from the need to import data multiple times, or import and export from multiple systems.
Learn more about the HR Tools suite

It’s Powerful Technology for Peace of Mind
To see how Bene-Care – empowered by iSolved Human Capital Management technology – can help you minimize administrative burdens, maximize employee satisfaction, and provide you and your company with peace of mind, contact us today.