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SYNERGY (si-nər-jē) n.:
“The interaction of two or more services that creates a result greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

Bene-Care offers a portfolio of services to help you, your business, and your employees navigate and manage the complexities of employee benefits, healthcare reform, payroll, and human resources. These services, which we refer to as our Human Capital Management Solution, encompass all activities needed to maintain a productive organization with engaged personnel.

Take advantage of our services - see how our synergistic approach can work for you!

Integrated Payroll Solutions and Enhanced HR Tools

Incorporate applicant tracking, employee onboarding, benefits administration and HR “hire to fire” functions right within payroll!

Full Service ACA Reporting

Avoid penalties! Let us keep you in compliance with ALE status determination, compliance documentation, document distribution, and completion of required IRS filings.

Private Benefits Exchange: Bene-Care Marketplace

Offer your employees more group benefits with administrative ease, all while increasing workplace efficiencies and employee morale.

Online Employee Benefits Enrollment

Increase accuracy, go green, and stay organized during open enrollment? It’s all possible with electronic notifications, workflow management tools and document storage!