Federal & State Labor Laws

Keeping up with employment laws can be daunting. Where do you start? What and who do you ask if you are a small business?

With more lawsuits being filed every day, it’s very important for employers to be informed and protected. Yes, you can contact a lawyer for employee-related situations, but you can also gain greater benefits by being proactive and working with Bene-Care, because we bring you informed answers:

  • When is a last paycheck due to a terminated employee?
  • Do you need to pay out earned but unused vacation time in NYS?
  • Are your employees entitled to regular breaks?
  • Can you fire an employee without due cause?

If you aren’t adhering to the employment law, you can open your business up to claims of discrimination or be taken to court.  Bene-Care supplies you with the tools and knowledge you need to better understand the laws affecting your organization and stay in compliance.

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