Recruit, Fill and Onboard with Ease

iSolved Hire

Bene-Care provides access to an applicant tracking solution that can help you improve the process of hiring. This easy-to-use yet powerful software, especially designed for small to medium-sized employers, helps you speed up the hiring process by better managing job postings and tracking applications – making it easier to attract and bring talented people onboard within your company.

Streamlined Processes – drastically reduces time spent posting and filing new positions
Job Templates – store job description templates for frequently posted positions
Rating System – rate candidate skills and experience to move them through the hiring funnel faster
Video interviewing – simplify interviews through video conferencing
Customize Questionnaires – create and manage custom questions for applicants

The iSolved Applicant Tracking solution is considered the most modern, full-featured application tracking software available. What’s best, it is completely web based and built on an open technology platform that is securely hosted in the cloud. Spend hours, not weeks, customizing your recruiting process and hiring the perfect fit for your company!

iSolved Onboarding

Save paper and eliminate redundancy in the employee onboarding process. Our onboarding module is native to iSolved and streamlines the entire task using a simple online interface.

  • Automated workflows with easy progress tracking
  • Collect and store everything you need: personal information, emergency contacts, direct deposit, W-4, etc.
  • Built-in I-9 tools. Complete, store and report
  • Handbook and compliance notice acknowledgements with date and time stamp audit reports
  • 100% web-based with unlimited secure document storage
  • Great first impression of your company!

The traditional paper onboarding process can be a burden for all parties involved. iSolved creates efficiencies for both you and your new hire – an email address is all that’s needed to initiate the process. In today’s technology driven world, new employees will appreciate the smooth process, and you’ll enjoy saving paper and space in your filing cabinet.

Ask your Bene-Care representative to set-up a demo of these powerful tools.