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The Power of Benefit Synergy

In-depth knowledge, proactive people, and streamlined systems to better serve your business.

Bene-Care Payroll Services

Delivered with the same expert customer service you’ve come to expect from Bene-Care.

Health Care Reform

We understand the regulations - let us guide you through the ACA Requirements.

Third Party Administration, Simplified

Trust Bene-Care to navigate through the complexities of all your employee benefits.


More Benefits, More Advantages

At Bene-Care, we transform benefit synergy into unique advantages for you and your business. We define synergy as “the interaction of two or more services that creates a result greater than the sum of their individual effects.” Our integration of knowledge, people, systems and processes means we deliver information faster and more accurately,

better serve your business, save you time and money and streamline administration.

NY State of Health

Our licensed personnel are here to help you enroll on the NYS Insurance Marketplace, click here for more information.