Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness refers to education and activities that a worksite may sponsor in order to promote healthy lifestyles for employees and their families. Many companies elect to offer a wellness program in order to help participants make voluntary changes that help to reduce their health risks, while enhancing their overall well-being. Wellness programs can be extremely beneficial, as they often help to reduce the cost of medical care for employees and employers.

Additional benefits of workplace wellness:

  • Studies show that wellness programs can increase employee productivity and raise morale
  • Research demonstrates lower absenteeism in companies with wellness programs; participating employees typically take less sick time and work more efficiently
  • Companies that who promote a healthy lifestyle culture are often seen as a better place to work; wellness programs can help to attract top talent in a competitive job market

Bene-Care offers versatile programs through multiple wellness partnerships to help our clients meet their individual needs. We recognize the importance of wellness in the workplace, as we ourselves strive to promote a healthy lifestyle for all staff members and their families. Let’s focus on the importance of workplace wellness together!