90 Days To Make The Best Impression

Did you know that most employees decide within the first 90 days of starting a new job whether they want to stay or leave? That’s why effective onboarding is critical for new team members and your business.

Bring Ease And Simplicity To Onboarding

Starting a new job can give you butterflies in your stomach, as can bringing on a new teammate. That’s why our people and our isolved Technology streamline the entire onboarding process, starting with a simple online interface that:

  • Improves efficiency and compliance
  • Is multistate compatible
  • Automates workflows with easy progress tracking
  • Provides handbook & compliance notice acknowledgment with date & time stamp audit reports
  • Holds all new hire forms and employee files housed in the Cloud, with automatic updates
  • Is 100% web-based with ultimate secure document storage
  • Holds I-9 forms 
  • Digitizes employee data collection (personal information, emergency contacts, direct deposit, Social Security number verification)
  • Simplifies form fills

Onboard In Six Steps

Here’s a glance at how a simplified onboarding process can look.

1. Access Platform

The new hire receives an email authentication link to access the isolved onboarding wizard.

2. Input Info and Docs

New hire completes information and uploads supporting documentation (W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit, etc.).

3. Review and Confirm

The new hire reviews and confirms all information prior to submission.

4. Enter Additional Details

An assigned editor can enter additional information such as salary, department, verification, etc.

5. Progress Updates

Auto-generated emails are sent to HR and supervisors to keep them apprised of the new hire’s progress.

6. Employee Self-Sign On Has Been Created

Let’s Go There, Together

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