Time & Attendance:

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Timesheets and spreadsheets aren’t just outdated; they’re also not an accurate, efficient view of how your employees are spending their time. isolved TIME, our comprehensive time and attendance feature, brings efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy to time and attendance.

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With isolved TIME, you can track and monitor overtime, meals and breaks along with other specific time policies. Alerts and error monitoring help to ensure complete and accurate timecards. Plus, it puts payroll processing just two clicks away.

Simplified Attendance Monitoring and Time Tracking
  • Mobile/remote accessibility
  • Multiple ways to punch in or out–online or physically
  • Easy allotment of hours
  • Configurable system
  • Reporting and export capabilities
  • Mobile punching includes GPS tracking and geofencing
  • Overtime alerts
Time Away from Work Managed
  • Rules-driven policies (PTO, Sick, PFL, etc.)
  • View balances in real time, including historical and future balances
  • Approved workflows
  • Accruals
Time & Attendance product

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Punch clock
Punch clock

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