Workers’ Compensation

Employee injured on the job? We have your assets covered.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers employees who experience work-related injuries or illness. These policies cover medical care, lost wages, rehabilitation, disability, and death benefits.

Under this insurance, employers and their businesses are protected in the event of a lawsuit. An important part of your policy is Employer’s Liability Coverage, which will protect your business against a lawsuit from your employee or their family members for any on-the-job injury or illness.

In order to lessen the surprise of a premium audit for your Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Bene-Care offers multiple payment solutions that can ease the cash-flow burden:

Payroll Bill
The premium is based on actual payroll wages. Once you run your payroll each pay period, Bene-Care then provides your payroll information to your insurance carrier on your behalf.

The premium is based on actual payroll wages. You as the business owner would be responsible for manually entering your information each pay period into the insurance carrier’s website.

Direct Bill
The premium is based on estimated payroll wages for the upcoming year. You as the business owner would receive an invoice directly from your insurance provider. Adjustments are made at year end based on actual payroll changes.