Federal & State Labor Laws

Employers are reporting an increased number of Department of Labor (DOL) audits and labor-related lawsuits. Did you know that the fines associated with a failure to post up-to-date labor law posters in your place of business can exceed $10,000? A compliance solution is necessary to keep you, your business, and your employees informed and protected.

Being proactive is key; however, this can be challenging because state and federal governments tend to release numerous required labor poster updates throughout the year. Most employers don’t have the time, resources, or know-how to successfully keep up with mandatory posting requirements. Purchasing annual posters will no longer suffice.

Thankfully, Bene-Care has a practical solution for you. Our Labor Poster Compliance Solution keeps you up to date with all mandatory labor law posting requirements.

  • Receive an initial federal/state combination poster to ensure immediate compliance
  • Automatically receive an updated all-in-one poster every time a legally required state or federal change occurs
  • Posters are fully laminated and ready to hang for employee viewing
  • All posters are attorney reviewed and approved
  • Backed by a $25,000 “We Pay The Fine” guarantee!

At Bene-Care, we are serious about compliance and we want our clients to be covered in the event of an audit or dispute. Please reach out to us to check your current compliance standings, or to get started with our comprehensive service!